Auscultation Training Model : CECS

Auscultation Training Model : CECS

Product Specifications

- Heart sound, lung sound ascultation training
- Realistic training with the most lifelike sound
- Training with a stethoscope
- Auscultation training on the front and back of torso manikin - easy to rotate the manikin
- Auscultation training with KIKUZO
- Training of Heart sound(30 cases), Lung sound(25 cases) by connecting with KIKUZO
- Wireless conection to the operating device (PC, tablet, smartphone etc.)

Heart sound : 30 cases

S1 < S2/Normal, S1 > S2/Normal, S2 split with respirations, Fixed split of S2, S3 gallop, S4 gallop, Summation gallop, Early systolic murmur(Innocent murmur), Middle systolic murmur/AS, Mid systolic murmur/ASD, Late Systolic murmur/MVP, Holosystolic murmur/MR, Holosystolic murmur/TR, Early diastolic murmur/AR, Mid-diastolic murmur(rumble)/MS Continuous murmur/PDA, mono S1, S1< S2/Normal heart sounds, S1>S2/Normal heart sounds, Heart Sound4 S3 gallop, Heart Sound5 S4 gallop, S2 split, Early systolic murmur(Innocent murmur), Mid-systolic murmur/AS, Mid-systolic murmur/ASD, Late systolic murmur/MVP, Holo systolic murmur/MR, Holo systolic murmur/TR, Early diastolic murmur/AR, Mid-diastolic murmur(rumble)/MS

Lung sound : 25 cases

Tracheal sounds, Bronchial sounds, Vesicular sounds, Fine crackles 1, Fine crackles 2, Fine crackles 3, Coarse crackles 1, Coarse crackles 2, Coarse crackles 3, Wheezes monophonic 1, Wheezes monophonic 2, Wheezes monophonic 3, Wheezes polyphonic 1, Wheezes polyphonic 2, Rhonchi 1, Rhonchi 2, Squawk+CoarseCrackles 1, Squawk+CoarseCrackles 2, Squawk+CoarseCrackles 3, Pleural friction rub, Tracheal+HS(S1S2), Vesicular+HS(S1S2)

KIKUZO website

- Check the auscultation site
- ECG Graph : Provide ECG for cases and explain the feature of the sound
- Bookmark : Save preferred or repeated cases as bookmark and use the bookmark conveniently from main page
- Quiz : Test the auscultation skill
- Additional sound : Bowel sound – 4 cases, Korotkoff sound – 7 cases
* Sound provided by KIKUZO may be changed without a notice due to the policy of sound manufacturer who is a provider of KIKUZO.

Power Supply

- Main Power : Power bank 5V, 1A
- KIKUZO : AA battery 2EA


- Dimension : 65 x 24 x 35 (cm)
- Weight : 6.7kg
- Adult torso manikin (Speaker included) - 1EA
- Bluetooth receiver - 1EA
- User manual - 1EA
- Storage case - 1EA
Auscultation Training Model : BT-CECS Commodity Specification

Auscultation Training Model : BT-CECS User Manual
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