Self-Training CPR Model : SEEM-P

Self-Training CPR Model, Sherpa Plus : BT-SEEM-P

Sherpa Plus - Upgrade Instructional Video

Product Specifications

· Chest Compression, Airway, Ventilation skill practice needed for basic life support available.
· Total number of chest compression and number of good chest compression are displayed.
· Instant compression depth displayed.
· Chest compression depth and rate can be checked with LED lamp.
· Detect Incomplete recoil and over-compression.
· Sound beeps once user make the proper compression depth and speed.
· Sound and LED Lamp can be turned on/off for an advanced training.
· Checking chest rising visually once user gives the proper artificial respiration.
· By attaching offering magnetic stickers to AED trainer pads, AED trainer pads can be used semi-permanently.
· Hygienic training condition with self-repairable face-skin and lung.
· Storage case can be used as a mattress pad.
· Operated with Batteries and AC adapter.
· Can be upgraded to Sherpa X with a purchase of the upgrade kit when customers want.


- Adult Torso : 4.4㎏ (650×335×215㎜)
- Storage case : 1.5㎏ (670×350×230㎜)
- Total : Approximately 6.2㎏

* Additional components - Storage case, User guide, USB Cable (Power bank connector)

Self-training CPR model, Sherpa Plus : BT-SEEM-P Commodity Specification

Self-training CPR model, Sherpa Plus : BT-SEEM-P User manual
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