CEO Greetings

Regardless of the short history the medical education industry in Korea, it kept on growing to become an important area of national industry and it is greatly contributing to the development of national economy.

Being part of this trend, we established BT Inc to develop the medical education simulators which are much more similar to the human body than the other previous products and also available for various practice and evaluation. We are planning, developing, and manufacturing various medical training simulators and models until now. In order to repay your interest and encouragement which you have given to our company, BT Inc is doing the best to improve the quality of the products and launch new products continuously.

There is still a long way to go, but we promise that we will keep on advancing to become a global and leading company of medical training material industry. On behalf of the members in BT Inc, we thank you for your attention on our company. Please keep watching us with your interest and affection on our company, so that we can improve the quality of medical education with constant challenge and passion.

Thank you.

CEO Park Yong ki, Yang Seung Jin

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