Arterial Puncture Training Model : CSPA

Arterial Puncture Training Model : BT-CSPA

Product Specifications

- Arm model and skin pad is similar to real human arm
- Palpate life like pulse at radial artery
- Changeable pulse intensity and rate
- Check the backward flowing of blood while arterial puncture training
- Realistic resistance at the arterial wall during arterial puncture training
- Hard to find needle marks after punctures
- Skin&Vein All-in-one pad; Easy installation and replacement of skin pad
- The color of palm is changing while Allen test
- Easy clean, Easy maintenance; Self-cleaning system
- User can select AC power or Battery mode
- Arm Model : Approximately 0.6kg (110×265×95㎜)
- Blood supply system : approximately 2㎏ (307×307×170㎜)
- Total model : Approximately 3kg
- Arm manikin : 1ea                          *Etc.
- Skin Pad : 2ea                                  - Simulated blood : 1ea
- Blood circulation system : 1ea        - Power adapter : 1ea
- Blood supply bottle : 1ea                - Storage case : 1ea
Arterial Puncture Training Model : BT-CSPA Commodity Specification

Arterial Puncture Training Model : BT-CSPA User Manual
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