SMART CPR Training Model : SEEM2

SMART CPR Training Model, Sherpa X : BT-SEEM2


SMRT CPR Simulator that makes trainee and trainer satisfied at the same time

Sherpa X is designed to motived the trainees to participate in the training by themselves.
It is a smart learning assistant which trainee and trainer are satisfied at the same time by experiencing various modes.

Feedback in real-time



Editable Guideline

Intuitive CPR Interface

Intuitive platform that anyone can use

Intuitive CPR


Intuitive platform that anyone can use


Possible to connect up to 6 manikins at the same time, Great for group training


Self-motivated, fun training with game mode and ranking function at result

Check/Save Result

Analyze results

Compare achievements

Export to Excel

Editable Guideline

Guideline can be easily edited according to the curriculum, 3 presets can be saved.

Evaluation Results

  • Objective evaluation

    The problems and improvements of CPR performance is objectively evaluated with various result mode
  • Results statistics

    Plenty of training data can be checked with statistics
  • Compare results

    CPR performance and achievement can be checked as data by comparing each group’s performance
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