BT Inc. participates in INACSL 2013 for the first time in Korea, using medical training simulators

– Launch products with favorable evaluation, domestic and overseas

– Receive attention with Intramuscular Injection Training Buttocks(BT-CSIM1)

Image of BT participating in INACSL.jpg
Image of BT participating in INACSL

Medical training simulator specializing company BT Inc.(CEO Yang Seung Jin/Park Yong Ki, attended the ‘INACSL 2013 (International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning) held from June 12th to 15th, in Las Vegas, USA.

INACSL meets its 12th year in 2013. INACSL is an educational meeting where over 1,500 clinical nursing representatives from 20 countries worldwide gather to promote the development of clinical research, lay foundation for nursing educational learning environment, and perform clinical research simulations similar to real situations. Clinical nursing practitioners and educators discuss and research on the connection between simulation and nursing training procedures. The derived data functions for the nursing educators worldwide, as the basis of training direction.

BT, as the first in South Korea to participate in this event, will be targeting market penetration by launching the ‘Blood Pressure Assessment Trainer(BT-CEAB)’, ‘Intravenous Injection Training Arm(BT-CSIV)’, and ‘Intramuscular Injection Training Buttocks(BT-CSIM1)’.

Blood Pressure Assessment Trainer is a model to train and evaluate the blood pressure and pulsation examination process. It is a simulator containing various internal sensors and actuators to create same training effect as real situation for the trainees.

Intravenous Injection Training Arm is a model for training intravenous injection and blood collection. It uses a skinpads categorized in epidermis, dermis, and adipose tissue, to feel like real skin to touch, as well as create realistic resistence of the vein wall and the skin during needle insertion.

More than 400 of these models have already been supplied to domestic and overseas nursing schools, medical schools, department of emergency rescue, medical instruments high schools, and military medical centers.

Intramuscular Injection Training Buttocks(BT-CSIM1)

During this event, Intramuscular Injection Training Buttocks has attracted the attention of many attendees due to its linkage with tablet PC in evaluating the position and the depth of an injection. It received positive feedback from many, because of its fast and objective evaluation, as opposed to the existing products.

This buttock-shaped product is composed of detection module to check the location of injections, which is critical for injection practice, and a monitoring device to show results. It is a medical training product enabling association of real patients as well as realistic intramuscular injection practice and evaluation.

Representative Yang stated “Through this event, we were able to publicize the excellence of our products as well as the importance of nursing education. We had an opportunity to check the recent trends worldwide, of the simulator market in the nursing education and medical training fields.

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