Medical Training Simulator Company BT Well Received at
APMSH 2013 in China

Medical training simulator company BT Inc. (CEO Yang Seung Jin/Park Yong Ki, participated in the Asia-Pacific Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (APMSH) 2013 in China from October 24th to 27th.

APMSH 2013 is the biggest medical simulation exhibition in Asia jointly hosted by Society for simulation in Healthcare (SSH) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Its goal is to accelerate mutual learning and idea exchange between medical simulation communities in the Asia-Pacific region.

BT introduced four products at the exhibition: Blood Pressure Assessment Trainer Ⅱ (BT-CEABⅡ), Intravenous Injection Training Arm Ⅱ (BT-CSIVⅡ), Intramuscular Injection Buttocks Ⅰ (BT-CSIMⅠ), and CPR Evaluation Simulator (BT-CPEA).

Blood Pressure Assessment Trainer Ⅱ is a follow-up model of Blood Pressure Assessment Trainer I that was widely used at nursing schools and medical schools in and outside the country. It has more sophisticated, easier interface. The touch screen LCD from the previous model was upgraded to the tablet PC style, reflecting the most up-to-date trend. Also, it is equipped with the result mode that allows the users to check the result of training in detail. This attracted many buyers visiting the exhibition.

Blood Pressure Assessment Trainer Ⅱ (BT-CEABⅡ)

Intravenous Injection Training Arm Ⅱ boasts more natural and real-looking arm than the previous model. It is receiving positive feedbacks in Korean and other countries. Some nurses and doctors at work proved the quality of the product to be excellent.

Intramuscular Injection Buttocks Ⅰ is equipped with the evaluation function optimized for training and the product received a lot of compliments for this.

Unlike the CPR products in the market, BT’s CPR Evaluation Simulator is easy to operate as it has a simple, convenient interface. Multiple simulators can be operated using one laptop. The fact that it enables one to train/evaluate several people at once attracted buyers’ attention. It also allows guideline adjustment.

CEO Yang Seung Jin said, “We consider participating in Asia’s biggest fair APMSH 2013 an opporutnity to strengthen our brand awareness among existing foreign buyers and to spread our outstanding technical skills.” “Based on our performance, we will prepare a strategy to enter Europe and other regions, and with our leading-edge technology, we will boast the excellence of our products to diversify sales in the global market,” added Yang.

Based on its high technology competitiveness, BT is successfully exporting to 12 countries in Asia and also to Australia.

BT booth at APMSH 2013

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